We are the Shadows in the Night, we are the Echo of Sound, we are the Lions of Eritai.
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 Site Rules

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PostSubject: Site Rules   Sat Aug 01, 2015 6:01 pm

Basic Rules

-Be kind to others as well yourself. I want this site to be friendly and welcoming to other users. I don't ask you to like everyone on here I only ask that you set aside your differences, for the better of good. If you break this rule you will be banned depending on what you did you could be gone for a limited time.

-Do NOT bully what-so-ever! We care for our members and would like you to not bully generally. Many deaths happen cause of bulling.

-Respect the staff at ALL times. If they say something to you, follow through. If you think its not fair then explain yourself and say why you think it's not. If you do this polite and they A. don't give a reason why/ignore you or B don't have a good reason why then tell a Staff member whom will listen.

-If you are having a problem with another user and no mod or admin is around do NOT take care of it yourself, pm Mordecai or another Admin or in the member's area, where its says reports saying what they said and what happened. I want proof if you are consistently being disrespected by another member. I will give them a warning and if they don't stop right away give me or another admin a PM and they shall lose PM and chatbox privilege's.

-No admin or mod shall do things out of place or punish members for no reason. That is not how you prove your tittle for, you must play it fair or you WILL be demoted to a Lin  without warning. I shouldn't have to warn you for this for you SHOULD already know not to do it.

-Do NOT swear! I don't wanna hear any of it, this means Fu** airn't around. We have younger ears and I will not allow it. Although, "Stupid, idiotic, dumb, idiot, damn, hell, & retarded" are allowed I don't want them to be directed to a member unless you know and THEY know you are playing around. If you don't know if this certain cuss word is allowed here ask Mordecai or any other Admin. This maybe altered when it comes to RolePlay

-No being inappropriate or sending inappropriate pictures/images or links. Seriously I would't be the one wanting to see that nor should other users.

-Admins or mods can add onto the rules if they feel it is necessary.

-The sites plot-line is copyrighted to the site and Mordecai. You may NOT alter it unless you have my or the creator's permission. Also some stuff are on here that we took the time to type, I wish you guys have the sense to not copy it without the authors permission. Although if it says we did not create it then you may copy otherwise I advise you tell us first.

Posting rules

-Please no double posting. If you need to edit or add onto your post then please go back to the one you recently posted or ask someone to post there if no one's posting.

-All RolePlay posts should have 6 sentences! this is to help our members to advance and stretch their experiences. Your other non-roleplay posts should be 3 words to as many as you need. I only wish for you to take the time to roleplay into your characters RP. More the better.

-No swearing or gang, etc words in your posts period. This isn't a place for that and it NEVER will be. If i hear any of it or detect anything of it then you will be banned for a limited time. Also no religious affiliates nor racist comments/sites. This causes members to leave and bad arugments. We as Staff don't want to deal with it so if we see any of it you WILL be banned until we feel you are ready to come back if not you will be gone forever.

-Members can make topics or threads. You also can make your own drama unless you get permission from an Admin & leader.


You get four (4) warnings so don't get into trouble.

First warning- You will receive a warning telling you to stop.

Second Warning- You will not be able to post or send pms/be in the cb. Depending on what you did will effect the servility of your punishment.

Third warning- you are banned for a few days or a week or two

Fourth warning- you are banned for good.

Chatbox Rules

-NO Fighting! I do NOT want to deal with drama, I really don't know why you would be fighting anyways. I can see you attempting to calm everyone but I advise you don't unless no high stat user is on. I would like you to have the proof and send it to me. But I do not want anyone telling someone to shut up or anything like that. Anyways if there is a fight happening log off the chat or change the topic. No one can fight without another person, anyway is it worth it? Yes you may want to say your piece of mind but really it will not be worth it. Anyways RL drama should stay off the site. I don't really get why its brought here, you may think its worth it to bring it on here since to don't say it face to face but I will let you in on a secret. Its just stating you don't have the guts to say it in person... it may sound rude but it's true.

-No advertising there is a topic for that so don't wast any time doing it in there.

- If fighting or something else is going on, Moderators and Admins can Kick you from the chat and you cant get all angry when you come back or you will be banned until the matter is resolved then may you come back.

Secret Code is Red like roses

Private Messages

-No advertising in your PMs. Do that in the proper area.

-No sending bad stuff or talk bad stuff about anything or anyone.

-Do not send mean PMs to other members or you will get a warning.


-No one shall be called out on if they are a female in real life but RP as a male in Role Play. Vise versa.

-Do not copy other members characters, that's theirs and you are able to make your own unique character.

-No mating in RP Posts. We have a younger audience with us. If you truly want to do mating then bring it to PM with your partner. Make sure he/she wants to do it to. If you want to do this make sure you fade into the background so after your post add "..." those but have it fade with the background color.


[i]-We are semi-realistic so odd pelt/eye colors are allowed, however your character(s) cannot have wings or horns etc.

-Make sure you hunt realisticlley, so if its winter and prey is scarce don't say you caught a plump elk or 2 calfs

-NO God-modding. You guys should know what that means if not look it up on google.

-You can have up to as many characters and accounts! Just make sure you stay active on them!

-No power play. Like I said before if you don't know what this means look it up!

-Don't beg for high ranks. You can only RP a maximum of 1 high ranked characters.

-Hopefully you read the rules cause now there is a secret code for you need to have in your bio. Hopefully you found it! It's somewhere in the thread.

I hope you follow these rules for it will save me time and you will be more likely happier.
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Site Rules
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